Document Research Database Installation Instructions (Docker)

There are two ways of installing the Document Research Database (DRDB):

This page describes the Docker approach.


This project uses docker and docker-compose. Installation instructions can be found here.


For a test installation without SSL encryption, get the latest docker compose file, rename it and adapt the domain name used:

cd ~
mkdir doc-db-docker
cd doc-db-docker
mv docker-compose.yml.sample docker-compose.yml

# Edit docker-compose.yml:
# If the Docker container runs locally, leave DRDB_VIRTUAL_HOST set to 'localhost'
# Otherwise, set DRDB_VIRTUAL_HOST to either the IP address of the server or
# the domain name assigned to it.

# Start the instance (container images will automatically be pulled from Docker Hub):
docker-compose up -d


Persistent data storage, backup and restore

TLS/SSL encryption