v24.1.2, 28.9.2022


Imagine you have an Excel document that contains a taxonomy of documents. The Excel file has 10 tabs which contain 2 MB of pure text in 12.000 cells. Some cells contain text of several A4 pages and in many cases, text is formatted in bold, italics, color, etc. In addition, several people are working on the project simultaneously and nobody has any idea anymore who has done what and which file contains the latest version...

At this point the Document Research Database (DRDB) might be helpful with the following features:

The Basics


Search Information and List Results

Export Data

Search results or the complete database can be exported to LibreOffice Writer and Calc. Macros in those documents that are part of the project can automatically format the exported result to fit particular needs.

Import Data

Import existing information from LibreOffice Calc documents with LibreOffice Basic Macros that are part of the project.

User Access Model


As every project is different, the number and names of fields of a database record can be configured at installation time and modified later when necessary.


The source code of this project is freely available and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. For details see here

How To Start

Welcome to the Document Research Database (DRDB) project!

You can find a fully working demo installation here to test things at your leisure. You will be asked for a username / password. Use gituser / hellogit


The preferred method to install DRDB is in a Docker container which can be done in just a few minutes. Have a look at the installation instructions page for details.


If you are interested in extending and changing the functionality, feel free to fork the code and send pull requests for new features you have developed.

Issues and Feature Requests

Issues and feature requests can be raised on Codeberg.