Export to Libreoffice Writer

While single database records or fields could theoretically be exported to Libreoffice Writer manually one by one, exporting complete result lists and formatting them in Writer in a consistent way can be a daunting task if done that way. DRDB offers an automated way to export all records found in a result list to a Libreoffice Writer document as follows:

General Procedure

In the result list of a search, click on the "Export" Button on the left of the list. The dialog box as shown below is then presented with the following options:


Limiting the number of fields shown in the output

Only the fields that have been selected to be shown in the search result will be shown in the Quick Print / Libreoffice Writer output. By default, only the record IDs will be shown in the output. To select the fields that are exported, close the print window and the result window, go back to the search / list option and click on the "Select Fields" button. Then run the search again and start Quick Print / Libreoffice Export again.


Other Output Options

As shown in the first screenshot above, there are some pieces of information of each record that can be included or omitted by selecting/unselecting the corresponding checkbox:

Extra Formatting Options per Field

Writer Template File

The Libreoffice Writer export uses a Writer document template in the /template directory of the project. Paragraph styles can be modified in this template document so the output can be styled as per the projects requirements. A new template file can be uploaded from the 'Administrator' page.

Export to Libreoffice Calc

General Procedure

It is also possible to output a search result list directly to Libreoffice Calc. Each field selected for output in the result list and, as a consequence, in the export result, becomes a column in Calc. Text formats in individual fields is preserved.

Calc Template File

The Libreoffice Calc export uses a Calc document template in the /template directory of the project. Many cell properties such as its horizontal size, text wrapping in the cells, etc. can be modified in this template document. Note that any exisiting cell text in the template file is discarded during export! A new template file can be uploaded from the 'Administrator' page.

Specifying the Fields for Table Columns

To select the fields which become columns in the output use the same procedure as described above for selecting fields for Writer export.